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December 17th, 2018

Catholic Men United 2019 Commitment and Call for a Year of Reparation

We, Catholic lay men of the United States, are angered – even outraged – by the failure of leadership of some members of the episcopacy, failing to respond decisively to grave sexual crimes, infidelity to priestly vows, and sacrileges by priests of Jesus Christ. We also stand with the many good, courageous bishops who are making strong efforts towards reform and justice. With unwavering fidelity to the one, Holy, Catholic, and apostolic church, we share their frustration and sorrow at recent Vatican interference in addressing these issues at the USCCB General Assembly.  We call upon our bishops to exercise fatherly leadership by responding decisively and meaningfully to grave sexual crimes, unfaithfulness to priestly vows, and sacrileges committed by priests of Jesus Christ.

Since the release of our first letter in September 2018, we have consistently fasted and prayed in penance and reparation for these sins, and in petition for the purification of the Church.  As 2019 approaches, we now recommit ourselves to relentlessly seeking the re-sanctification of the Church, imploring the Bishops, in unison with the whole Body of Christ, to engage in works of (1) repentance, (2) reparation, and (3) renewal.  Our Bishops must lead us in repentance for these grave sins.  With broken hearts crying out for justice, we urge the Bishops to seek genuine reparation and healing for the victims, driven by an honest reckoning of the gravity of these crimes.  Ultimately, we will be satisfied with nothing less than the complete renewal of Christ’s Bride, the Church.

As Catholic lay men, knowing how our own sins have also stained the Bride of Christ, we commit our lives to the same.  For the entirety of the year 2019, we dedicate ourselves to fasting and praying each Wednesday and Friday, so as to repent for our own sins, to make reparation for the many sins against victims of sexual abuse by both the perpetrators and those who failed to respond rightly to accusations, to prompt public acknowledgement of the systematic cover-up, and to seek authentic renewal for the whole Church.

As a starting point, we are committed to praying a Rosary every day of the 2019 calendar year. Seeking to be led by the Holy Spirit, each of us shall also discern making personal holy hours before the Blessed Sacrament, participating in Eucharistic processions of reparation, reevaluating the recipients of our tithing decisions, and making our voices heard in the public square.  We will persist until the Truth comes fully into the light.

Finally, we call upon all Bishops to designate 2019 as a Year of Reparation for their own dioceses and for the entire Catholic Church in the United States.  This year shall be dedicated to the victims of these grave sins, to the laity who truly feel like sheep without shepherds, and in offering to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose Sacred Heart thirsts for justice.  Henceforth, the year 2019 is a Year of Reparation for ourselves and for our families.  We pray that the Bishops lead us in this mission of repentance, reparation, and renewal, seeking the same for their own spiritual children in the dioceses across our nation. On January 1, 2019, God willing, the Year of Reparation shall begin for all the Catholic Faithful of the United States.

We call upon all our Catholic brothers in the Lord to join us in this year of prayer, fasting and reparation.

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