Thank you for joining us in our fight for the purification and renewal of the Catholic Church!! We plan to send a *brief* email each Friday, and today we direct your attention to the following three points:

1. Fasting: We encourage you to engage in “difficult but not destructive fasts.” We leave the program to you, but the goal is to make a concrete sacrifice, something that hurts, for the next seventeen weeks through the end of the year. For further vision and direction on fasting, we direct your attention to the USCCB’s Pastoral Statement on Penance and Abstinence, along with the Catechism of the Catholic Church 1430-1433.

2. Promotion: It is an incredible gift to fast and pray along with nearly 7,000 men, but we could always use more! Today, we ask you to speak with at least one man about joining us, and we encourage you to do so every day this week! Also, please post the letter on social media, send it to news outlets, and speak to your friends! You can use the links below.

3. Prayers: Remember to direct your fasts and prayers specifically for the purification of the Church, most especially the Vatican hierarchy, the episcopacy, and your local diocese. Let us call on the powerful intercession of the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph.

In Jesus,
Catholic Men United

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